About Us

Suroh by Chandni is a sole proprietorship. We are a women led design studio. Suroh was born to meet the needs of the modern Indian lady. She is independent, confident, classy, and strong. She likes to make her own choices and fulfils her dreams in style. We design for such vivacious souls.

Each Suroh design has the spirit of a traditional art form at its heart. We believe this promotes and preserves our centuries old Indian roots. It also forms the core of who we are and all our works. We add the touch of modernity by blending many contemporary art forms and mediums to create wedding dresses, suit set, sarees, shararas and night gowns that are unique and stunning.

Each design idea is converted into a single product. We ensure uniqueness and do not believe in repeats. Indian arts, in all their glory are open to so many interpretations and combinations that bulk production or repetition of any of its variants seems to demean the very essence of it. Each meaning is beautiful, and beauty is in exclusivity. We are confident of it when our clients proclaim that they are the only owners of the most beautiful dresses in their circles. We live in the glory of that claim!

Business Address:

Flat 1101, Tower 3, 1101, Emerald Garden, Swaroop Nagar,
Kanpur, Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, 208002

Business Contact: +91 - 8826805522